If you’re a Grandmothers Group that has raised funds, contact campaign@stephenlewisfoundation.org

If You’re An Individual, The Easiest Way to Donate

Use the following easy steps to make your donation:


Click The Button Below

When you click on the “I’m Ready To Donate Now” button below, you’ll be taken to the Tides Foundation website which processes all donations on behalf of the Campaign.


Select Your Donation

To ensure the Campaign receives your donation, we have shown you a couple of photos below of what the Tides website looks like so it’s easy for you to make your donation.


Click The Drop Down

Select the amount and frequency of your donation and then click on the drop down box to select the “Grandmothers to Grandmothers – 1591” option.


Click “Donate Now”

Finish your donation by clicking the DONATE NOW button on the Tides Foundation website and you’re all set!

Examples of the Tides Foundation Donate Web Pages

Select Your Donation Amount

When making your donation, you’ll be given several options for how much you’d like to donate. Please select the amount and frequency of your preferred donation(s). 

Click on the Drop Down Box and Select The “Grandmother to Grandmother Campaign – 1591”

The Tides Foundation accepts donations on behalf of many organizations. Please make sure to select Grandmothers to Grandmothers – 1591 when making your donation and then click the DONATE NOW button and you’re all set!

If You’re Ready To Donate Now,

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